Vanitas Still Life

During the seventeenth century a form of still life called the vanitas developed as a means to impart an allegorical message about the inevitability of death. The subject here refers to Charles I’s troubled life and is a testament to the suddenness of death and the vanity of early power and glory. For example, the […]

Return Home

This painting depicts the homecoming that awaited many Confederate veterans. The loss of their homes and families were the source of much ill feeling towards the North after the war.

Driven Back

Born in Skaneateles, New York, De Cost Smith was fascinated by Native American cultures from an early age. He regularly visited the nearby Onondaga Reservation and was eventually initiated into the tribe. In 1884, Smith made his first of many trips out West, traveling to the Dakota Territory, where he visited the Great Sioux Reservation.  […]