Tidings from the Front (The Letter)

For those who could write, letter writing was a very common pastime. Not only was it a way to while away the time but, for most, it was the only means of contact with home and friends. The arrival of mail played a large part in the soldier’s life. Letters from home were critical to […]

Sunset, Haywagon in the Distance

This is one of over a hundred surviving paintings that Martin Johnson Heade painted of the marshes all along the Eastern coast of the United States. This was one of his favorite subjects. He painted in a style called “Luminism.” This consists of a very horizontal composition and light and atmosphere are explored in depth. […]

Holding the Line at All Hazards

Walt Whitman (1819-1892), one of America’s best-known poets, served as a volunteer nurse during the American Civil War. From the Union side he wrote many poems about the war. This poem captures the frantic action of a battle such as Holding the Line at all Hazards. An Army Corp on the March With its cloud […]