The Museum Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

The smartguide is like having that fun, yet surprisingly knowledgeable friend right there with you in the galleries. Whether you are an avid art lover or a first time visitor to an art museum, this digital platform provides content that will entertain at any interest level.

BMA Your Way

The smartguide never dictates what information you should know about an artwork. Instead, each smartguide stop provides an assortment of categories spanning in subject matter, allowing the visitor to choose what topics interest them. Categories range from quick guides to art and artists, interactive images, audio, video, games, and more.

The smartguide In Two Steps

  1. Using your device, simply visit
  2. Type in the three digit code located on the labels next to the artworks you want to know more about

If you get a bad case of museum fatigue and want to sit down, no worries, you can still explore the BMA’s artworks on the smartguide by using the index.

Too Cool For Apps

Being a museum with lots of art and limited wall space, we know just how important storage is and don’t want to take up valuable space on your device. That’s why the smartguide is not an app you have to download, take up space, and periodically have to update. The smartguide is simply a website you can access in the galleries or at home and have a world of art right at your fingertips.