World Collage Day

/ Virtual Programs

Collage Creations

Using your collage kit as inspiration, we invite you to dive into the medium by making your own! Add some more fun to your finished collage by turning it into a puzzle using an original technique developed by Dr. Teresa Cribelli’s son Ilai Cribelli.

Virtual Studio Visit

Meet Birmingham-based artist Tameca Cole. Cole began making collages while incarcerated at Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women. Her work links penal time to other forms of racialized subjugation and violence against Black people. Her collages combine images from newsprint, books, and photographs to examine the criminal legal system and the nation’s long history of anti-Black violence.

World Collage Day was initiated in 2018 by Kolaj Magazine as an international day to celebrate collage as an art medium. Continue the exploration into this medium by joining us on May 18 for virtual talk by Teresa Cribelli, collage artist and associate professor of history at the University of Alabama. Dr. Cribelli will discuss combining past and present through collage and ways in which she advocates for the medium today.