ArtBreak: Uncovering Provenance

  Join Erin Croxton, the BMA’s 2020 Goodrich Fellow, and Robert Schindler Ph.D., curator of European art, as they discuss the efforts taken to uncover the provenance of a bas-relief sculpture currently on exhibition, Profile of a Young Woman, created by Mino da Fiesole in the mid-1400s. Provenance research not only verifies an artwork’s authenticity […]

ArtBreak: Looking Toward a Brighter Future

Join the BMA’s Hugh Kaul Curator of Contemporary Art Hallie Ringle for a discussion of the All Things Bright and Beautiful exhibition and the ways these works envision a brighter future through their respective lenses. Given the pandemic that we’re all experiencing, this talk explores the return to normalcy through art! ArtBreaks are presented in honor […]

Art in Conversation: Interpretations of Mississippian Iconography

This virtual talk explores the imagery and symbolism of Mississippian art and its relevance in ritual activities, cosmological vision, and ideology. This discussion is led by F. Kent Reilly III, Ph.D Professor of Anthropology at Texas State University and Adjunct Anthropology Professor at the University of Alabama, and Eric Singleton, Ph.D., Curator of Ethnology for […]

Art in Conversation: The Transformation of Indigenous Cultural Practices by Colonial Powers

Mairin Odle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor for the Department of American Studies from the University of Alabama, highlights cross-cultural engagements in Indigenous culture and the role of narrative and memory-making in colonial projects (as well as in Indigenous resistance to those projects). This talk references our exhibition Voices So True: New Native American Art from the […]

2021 Native American Heritage Festival Performances

On November 20, 2021 we celebrated the rich Indigenous cultural history of Alabama. This free family-oriented festival featured traditional Indigenous cuisine, storytelling, dance performances, various demonstrations from Indigenous makers across our state, gallery tours, art-making activities, animals presented by The Birmingham Zoo, and more family fun to immerse oneself into our region’s vibrant Native American […]

ArtBreak: The Importance of Archaeology and Excavation

On this ArtBreak, educational and outreach coordinator for Moundville Archaeological Park, Lindsey Gordon shares her career path into archaeology excavation and the role it plays in the state park. ArtBreaks are presented in honor of Joyce Benington’s twenty five years as a docent at the Birmingham Museum of Art. These programs, which bring curators, educators, artists, and creatives […]

Annual Chenoweth Lecture: Kaywin Feldman

The BMA was pleased to welcome Kaywin Feldman, Director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC as the speaker of its 2021 Annual Chenoweth Lecture. Feldman presented Building a National Collection in a Changing Nation. The National Gallery of Art is an institution of intriguing paradox. Founded by millionaire Andrew Mellon to educate […]

ArtBreak: Bird Motifs in Mississippian Art

Join Ansel Payne, PhD, Executive Director for Alabama Audubon, for an exploration of the bird motifs seen in Mississippian art and its relation to attributes of these native species. This talk suggests interpretation of these motifs by equating them with the nature of these creatures to suggest concepts that validate their symbolic representation in Mississippian […]

Art Heals: The Jingle Dress Project

For our annual Edward M. and Hermione C. Friend Lecture, we welcomed Art Heals: The Jingle Dress Project, an in-person performance of the traditional Jingle Dress Dance followed by a presentation and Q&A discussion with artist Eugene Tapahe and the dancers. “The jingle dance of the Ojibwe people originated during the influenza pandemic of 1918-19,” says […]