What is Folk Art?

What is Folk Art? The term has meant different things over time, and many scholars have written about the problems with this catch-all category. It has referred to craft traditions passed down through generations within communities. It has sometimes referred to artists without formal education or artistic training, and those who create outside of the […]

The Original Makers

Join us in June for an inside look at The Original Makers with co-curators Emily Hanna, Curator of the Arts of Africa and Americas, and former BMA Director Gail Andrews.

Coe: Then & Now

Curating a show on Birmingham’s history has been an incredible learning opportunity for me as I am new to the city. Having moved here just recently, I have been struck by how much of Coe’s Birmingham is often still visible as I walk the city’s streets today.

Birmingham Then and Now

Up for a little competition? The winner is invited to the private opening for Magic City Realism.

Collecting and Preserving Alabama’s Artistic Heritage

While the BMA collects art from all over the globe, it takes just as seriously the goal of collecting important work by the most significant artists born or active in the state of Alabama. Well represented within the Museum’s collection are the Weavers, a multi-generational dynasty of women artists from Selma. Most famous among the […]

Happy Birthday, Lonnie Holley!

Happy birthday to Alabama artist Lonnie Holley, born February 10, 1950! Holley was born in Birmingham during the Jim Crow-era, as the seventh of 27 children. His story, although dubious at times, is eccentric and heart wrenching: he says the woman who informally adopted him at birth traded him for a pint of whiskey when […]

Director Gail Andrews On The Loss Of Thornton Dial

Article from al.com; see the full article here. On Monday one of America’s great artists died, Alabama native Thornton Dial. Dial’s work ranged from small sculptures to large and ambitious mixed-media paintings and enormous installations. They also varied in tone and emotion as they reflected his life and worldview as an African-American man, born in […]