Art On The Rocks Exclusive: Con Brio

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The June 2019 Art On The Rocks features musical guests Con Brio

Art On The Rocks presented by Dale’s Seasoning returns on June 14 featuring musical guests Con Brio! This funky seven-piece band from San Francisco refuses to conform to a single musical genre, fusing decades of styles to create a sound uniquely their own.

The band’s name comes from an Italian musical direction meaning “with spirit,” and after experiencing one of Con Brio’s adrenaline-fueled live shows, you’ll understand why they chose it. Don’t be surprised when lead singer Ziek McCarter breaks out a backflip or two on the Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage. Keep reading for our exclusive Art On The Rocks interview with McCarter and purchase your tickets online today!

Everybody wants to know the band’s story. How did you meet, and how did you combine musical tastes to develop your sound? 
Ziek McCarter: Organically. Everyone met and played with one another naturally from being in different bands and projects around the Bay Area. From jam nights, recording sessions, or supporting our friends’ shows, the music scene in the Bay is pretty special and close in that way to where everyone connects and creates with one another eventually at some point. Some of us just got together and started writing original songs and we’ve been building since! We all have different musical influences and backgrounds that naturally reflect the diversity of the Bay. Utilizing that as our strength, we’re blessed to be able to explore and blend different genres inspired by the eclectic history of music in the Bay (Psychedelic Funk, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Indie). We’re proud and inspired to carry that sound forward in a fresh way.

Art On The Rocks is about blending the best of Birmingham culture (music, performances, food, and more) with the beautiful Museum environment. In the spirit of fusing music and art, which visual artists might best represent Con Brio?

ZM: In terms of fusing music and art, an artist that I think might represent us well is Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Birmingham has an incredible food culture. If your music were perfectly paired with a delicious meal and cocktail, what would be on the menu?

ZM: A dairy-free Salmon burrito with veggies, sweet potatoes, guacamole, and black beans and rice. And our cocktail would be a key lime colada with rum, with chocolate covered strawberries on the side.

What are you most looking forward to about playing in Birmingham this summer?

ZM: This will be our first time, so mostly excited to connect with everyone, enjoy the culture, make some fun memories in music, and experience all the magic Art On The Rocks has to offer.

What can the audience expect from your show at Art On The Rocks?

ZM: The audience can expect our spirits to be high and infectious, and our sound centered toward all open hearts. Come ready to rock!