Artists in Quarantine: Erin LeAnn Mitchell

In this week’s episode of #ArtistsinQuarantine, BMA Manager of Public Programs Carey Fountain and Erin LeAnn Mitchell (@erinleannworks) discuss how she is working through the challenges of being an artist during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the inspiration behind her work, her advice for young artists, and more.

Artists in Quarantine: Andy Jordan

In this week’s episode of #ArtistsinQuarantine, the Museum’s Manager of Public Programs Carey Fountain talks with local artist Andy Jordan (@brother_andy), who is finding inspiration outdoors.

Q&A with Artist Erin LeAnn Mitchell

Curator of Contemporary Art Hallie Ringle and artist Erin LeAnn Mitchell talk art inspiration, the power of the arts in Birmingham, and more.

Q&A with Kate Taylor Boehm of Studio BOCA

Studio BOCA founders Kate Taylor Boehm and Kirby Caldwell are the dream team behind the BMA Barbie Dream House. We caught up with Boehm to learn more about BOCA and the exhibition experience.