Art in Conversation: Weaving Together Southeastern Indigenous Art and Ecology

/ Virtual Programs

Join us for a conversation about how ever-changing ecology impacted southeastern indigenous art from Mississippian times to the present. Sehoy Thrower, an Environmental Protection Specialist for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, and Jonathan Davis, a Native American textiles and weaving historian/conservator and weaving artisan, will discuss how these traditional arts have declined with land-use changes.

Traditional artistic motifs often seek to restore balance, much like natural processes of the land that birthed these ancient cultures. Learn how regenerating ecological balance goes hand-in-hand with keeping indigenous southeastern culture alive. medicine and food are often discussed at great length in regards to traditional ecological knowledge, Sehoy and Jonathan elaborate on lesser-known information about diverse applications of plant and animal life in clothing textiles, weaving, basketry, and more.

This programs is in conjunctions with our exhibition Lost Realms of the Moundbuilders: Ancient Native American Art of the South and Midwest.