Year of the Dog

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Lion Dogs (Koma Inu)
Lion Dogs Koma Inu Japan Kamakura period 1185 1336 About 1250 Wood gesso paint crystal paper and ink 20 x 6 18 x 8 78 in 508 x 156 x 225 cm Gift of EBSCO Industries Inc 19917551 2

Happy Chinese New Year! If you were born in 1970, 1982, 1994, or 2006, your Asian zodiac sign is the dog.

According to this zodiac, people born in the Year of the Dog are loyal, honest, kind, cautious, stubborn, and ambitious. Dogs are seldom sick and are active in sports. People born in the Year of the Dog often have successful careers as police officers, counselors, interior designers, professors, nurses, and politicians. Famous people born in the Year of the Dog include Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Mother Teresa, and Madonna. President Donald Trump was born in the Year of the Dog, too!

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