1880 Crow Peace Delegation

This work by Wendy Red Star, entitled 1880 Crow Peace Delegation, consists of 10 historic photographs that have been scanned and digitally manipulated. She has annotated the scanned photographs, identifying the names of the sitters and details about their lives.

Corn Maiden

Emily Hanna, Curator of the Arts of Africa and the Americas, highlights a recent acquisition for this month’s Spotlight on the Collection.


This basket, entitled Lifeline, was made by Shan Goshorn, an Eastern Band Cherokee artist living in Oklahoma. Goshorn’s innovative woven containers reflect traditional Cherokee motifs while incorporating historic photographs, treaties, speeches, and Native alphabets. Lifeline addresses the subject of water, and was made by Goshorn in support of the oil pipeline protest at the Standing […]

Waterline Lecture

Artist Marianne Nicolson will discuss her installation “Waterline” in this special talk.

Standing Rock

This photograph was taken by Tlingit/Cherokee artist Zoë Marieh Urness. Urness participated in the protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline—an oil pipeline which was to be installed under several bodies of water, endangering the drinking water supply on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Standing Rock is home to several bands of Lakota and Dakota Sioux, […]

What’s Up at the BMA: Inuit Sculptures

The BMA collection includes over 27,000 works of art, but a mere 12% is on view at any given time. We are constantly rotating and refreshing our galleries, so that every time you visit the Museum you’ll see something different. This series highlights a new work for you to experience and shows you “what’s up” at the […]

Native American Cultures across the United States

In this program for adults, specially trained docents present the Museum’s collection by means of verbal descriptions, three-dimensional tactile models based on original works of art, and sculpture. The experience may be enhanced by related music and/or art-making to provide multi-sensory access to the visual arts.

Explore the artwork of the Museum’s American and Native American galleries! 

Space is limited; reservations are required. Please RSVP by Wednesday, January 10.

VIP tours are also available for school-age or adult groups. To reserve your spot or learn more about group tours, call 205.254.2964.

Spotlight on the Collection: December 2017

This storage basket is compelling not just for its beautiful design and precise craftsmanship, but because of the artist herself and the context of her life and work.

Between Worlds

This work, Between Worlds, is made by Teri Greeves, a contemporary artist and beader. She is Kiowa, a Native American tribe (now based in Oklahoma) which once lived on the Great Plains and migrated with the bison. The object is inspired by a traditional Kiowa parfleche, a type of container made from rawhide—deerskin that has […]

Between Worlds

Slow food, slow living, slow… art? Unlock the secrets of works in the Museum’s collection by cultivating the art of looking slowly. Our docents ask and answer questions to help guide your slow art experience and foster conversation. Leave the Museum feeling inspired- not tired!

This Sunday, Docent Margaret Harrill will lead a discussion on Between Worlds by Teri Greeves.