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5 Resolutions You Can Keep In 2016

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11694025_10153113173520369_375671497955026402_nSometimes the thought of committing to a New Year’s resolution can feel daunting and unattainable. Instead, why not resolve to bring more art into your life this year? Here are 5 resolutions you’ll want to keep in the new year, all of which you can enjoy for free at the Museum:

1. Slow Down

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you owe it to yourself to take some personal time to unwind, reflect, and recharge. The Museum offers plenty of opportunities to stroll the galleries and think more about life and art. One way you can do this is during our weekly Slow Art Sunday program, where you can closely look and discuss a featured work of art!

2. Spend More Time With Family and Friends

While taking time for yourself, it is also important to focus on the relationships that are important to you. Have a fun, free, and enriching day with your family by bringing kids to Bart’s ArtVenture, Bart’s Books, and/or our Family Tours. If you want to reconnect with friends, invite them to an evening at the Museum during First Thursdays.

3. Get Creative

Stimulate your creative side by taking up a class at the Museum. Find your inner artist at our Open Studio series.

4. Learn Something New

The new year brings a new calendar of programs to the Museum. For instance, the coming months will bring a discussion between an artist and a Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet Laureate at ART PAPERS LIVE; a talk by a contemporary photographer at the Morton Lecture; a lecture by a French linguistics scholar, who will discuss the symbolism and culture behind our Haitian Flags exhibition; and much more! There’s always something new to learn during our programs and throughout our galleries everyday.

5. Experience Other Cultures

You don’t have to travel very far to experience the cultures of the world! While our galleries are filled with art from across the globe, our special exhibitions this year bring even more cultures to experience. Over the next few months, we are excited to share spiritual flags from Haiti and colorful Ikat robes from Uzbekistan. Both beautiful, bright exhibitions are free and open to the public.