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Scene from the Tale of Genji

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Complete this puzzle to reveal a scene from The Tale of Genji Tea Screens.

The Tale of Genji is considered the world’s first novel. It was written in the early 11th century by the noblewoman Muraski Shikibu. Based on the life and romances of Prince Genji, this tale illustrates court life during the Heian period in Japan.
The image below depicts a chapter from the novel titled Kocho, which translates to “butterflies.” In this chapter, Genji arranges for the construction of Chinese pleasure boats in the garden of Lady Murasaki, and a party is held in honor of a visit by the Empress Akikonomu. The next day, the festivities continue and Lady Murasaki sends eight of her prettiest attendants dressed as birds and four as butterflies to deliver a message to the Empress. This chapter is typically depicted with attendants dressed as butterflies.

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