Jug of white, soft-paste porcelain with cabbage leaf molded relief decoration on the main body, with long cylindrical neck molded in relief in a kind of fluted pattern with a border at the lip of repeating leaf and dot motifs (somewhat obscured by the lead glaze), with loop and scroll handle and small beak spout with molded mask; the jug with printed patterns on three sides, on either side of the main body the "Iron Bridge" pattern and below the spout the "Broseley Pipe Smoker" pattern above which a small sprig of grape vine with leaves and a bunch of grapes, on the neck above each side with the "Iron Bridge" pattern a demilune with blue sky and fluffy white clouds; the interior lip also printed in blue with a narrow band of circles and dots, two white stripes, and a wider band of Asian-like geometric forms and flowers, a variation of the so-called Fitzhugh pattern.


Caughley Porcelain Manufactory

About 1785