Large centerpiece of Wedgwood Majolica in the form of two naiads, or nymphs, each with long brownish-blond hair held back by a leafy wreath encircling their heads and wearing a blue bathing costume, amongst molded, blue-green waves that form the base and holding between them an outstretched fishing net that serves as a basket for fruit or the like.

Centerpiece “Low Naiad Centre”


April 1885

In 1860, the Wedgwood factory initiated the use of impressed, three-letter marks on all of its earthenware productions. The first letter indicates the month, the second the potter, and the third the year. While the names of the potters remain for the most part unknown today, the first and third letter provide a key to exactly when an object was made. The three-letter mark for this centerpiece is AHN, which according to the factory’s code tells us that it was made in April 1885.