Painting on Stone

This painting shows the birth of Jesus as recounted in the Bible and is a wonderful, small work of art. Let’s focus first on the frame: the scene is surrounded by a painted metal frame with recesses for relics, objects believed to be a part of a holy person’s body or one of their belongings. […]


“Who runs the world? Girls!” Those wise and catchy words from Queen Bae confirm what most of us already know– women are mighty. We know girls are running the world, but who saves it in times of distress? The Hindu goddess Durga, that’s who! At least that is what we see depicted in this 14th […]

A Gift Between Friends

At the BMA, Joan Mitchell is best known for her large oil on canvas triptych, Bonjour Julie, but the smaller, more intimate painting currently hanging in the American galleries is also worth getting to know.

Am I not a Man and a Brother?

Senior Curator Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, PhD discusses the powerful imagery featured on an 18th century medallion.

Civil Rights Press Prints

Dr. Katelyn Crawford, Curator of American Art, discusses two photos from the Museum’s collection that had a major impact on the early Civil Rights Movement.

The Qilin

In Chinese mythology, the Qilin appears only at the impending arrival or passing of a sage or a great ruler. The animal is a good omen thought to predict prosperity and peace.

Spotlight on the Collection: December 2017

This storage basket is compelling not just for its beautiful design and precise craftsmanship, but because of the artist herself and the context of her life and work.

Spotlight on the Collection: October 2017

Georgia O’Keeffe was preoccupied by painting apples in the early 1920s.  She painted red and green apples on plates, tables, and fields of color. While some of these images study the undulating forms of many apples side-by-side, in The Green Apple (1922), the composition is reduced to a single, smooth piece of fruit on a […]