Am I not a Man and a Brother?

Senior Curator Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, PhD discusses the powerful imagery featured on an 18th century medallion.

Civil Rights Press Prints

Dr. Katelyn Crawford, Curator of American Art, discusses two photos from the Museum’s collection that had a major impact on the early Civil Rights Movement.

The Qilin

In Chinese mythology, the Qilin appears only at the impending arrival or passing of a sage or a great ruler. The animal is a good omen thought to predict prosperity and peace.

Spotlight on the Collection: December 2017

This storage basket is compelling not just for its beautiful design and precise craftsmanship, but because of the artist herself and the context of her life and work.

Spotlight on the Collection: October 2017

Georgia O’Keeffe was preoccupied by painting apples in the early 1920s.  She painted red and green apples on plates, tables, and fields of color. While some of these images study the undulating forms of many apples side-by-side, in The Green Apple (1922), the composition is reduced to a single, smooth piece of fruit on a […]

Spotlight on the Collection: July 2017

Jars decorated with cut out panels filled with landscape pictures are some of the most charming wares of the Joseon period (1392-1910). Court painters were sent to the official kilns to decorate royal porcelains, and the landscapes painted in underglaze blue on these wares often closely resemble paintings done on paper and silk at the […]

Spotlight on the Collection: June 2017

During the 1730s and 1740s, Meissen introduced a series of porcelain figures based on characters of the Commedia dell’arte, a type of traveling theater that originated in Italy. The Commedia is based on improvised sketches that found inspiration in the scandals and intrigues of the royal court at which they were performed. The characters of […]

Spotlight on the collection: April 2017

This painting of a man and woman embracing is from the West African country of Senegal. The image has been painted on the back of a pane of glass – a tradition called sous-verre, or reverse-glass painting.   Reverse-glass painting is a traditional art form in several parts of the world, and was brought to […]

Spotlight on the Collection: March 2017

Bound and Determined:  Helen Gertrude Sahler’s Spirit of Revolt This year marks the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into the First World War. Although World War I began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia, the U.S. did not intervene until unrestricted submarine warfare by the Germans—among other factors—spurred America to join the […]