BMA Smartguide: Fashion

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The Museum’s latest exhibition Ways of Seeing: Fashion officially opens to the public next week on Saturday, April 13. As the latest in a series of six consecutive exhibitions in the Bohorfoush Gallery, it draws from all areas of the Museum’s expansive collection to explore how fashion has been documented through art over the years and around the world.

Guests will enjoy a glimpse at global fashion accessories, including beautifully detailed Chinese slippers, a velvet hat from Nigeria, and clogs from Japan. Photography plays a major role in the exhibition, featuring photographs by acclaimed artists Diane Arbus, Elliott Erwitt, Gordon Parks, and Irving Penn.

Another compelling element of the exhibition experience is the Museum’s smartguide, which allows visitors to further explore and engage with the art in our galleries using their personal devices or Museum iPads. It offers a more immersive digital experience where visitors can find additional images and quick facts, as well as audio, videos, and fun activities to entertain guests of all ages.

“It’s like having your fun, yet surprisingly knowledgeable friend with you in the galleries,” says Angela May, assistant curator of education and smartguide content creator. “It allows the visitor to gain a closer connection to the art without feeling like they are getting a lecture.”

For the Ways of Seeing: Fashion smartguide feature, May interviewed local fashion influencers, designers, and art historians for an insider look at the industry and exhibition. They spoke about their favorite piece, the connections between fashion and art, and more.

Local stylist Megan LaRussa is one of the contributors to the smartguide, and offers insight on how fashion can impact our perceptions of history and contemporary times.

“Fashion is an incredible way to look at a certain time period and even modern day and see how the two are related,” LaRussa said. 

Check out inspiring looks and hear commentary from more fashion insiders by visiting the exhibition Ways of Seeing: Fashion when it opens next Saturday.

Ways of Seeing: Fashion is presented by Style Yourself Chic with Megan LaRussa and made possible by the City of Birmingham.