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ArtBreak – Decoding the Ancient Egyptian False Door

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Join Kelsea Whaley, the current UAB/BMA Curatorial Fellow, as she delves into the fascinating world of the BMA’s False Door, one of the oldest objects in our collection, dating back to 2345-2181 BCE. This rare example of tomb architecture from Egypt’s Sixth Dynasty symbolized a portal between the afterlife and the real world, allowing the souls of the deceased or deities to enter and exit the tomb.

The UAB/BMA Curatorial Fellowship is a unique partnership between the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and the Birmingham Museum of Art, offering graduate students in the Art History department an opportunity to gain in-depth experience in the workings of a museum and the nature of curatorial work. Fellows spend one year working in the Curatorial department at the Museum and are assigned specific projects and duties based on the needs of the department. Kelsea Whaley will be sharing the research she has conducted during her fellowship, offering insights into Fefi’s life and role in Ancient Egypt, Sixth Dynasty tomb architecture, and the function of burial offerings during this period. Don’t miss this exciting ArtBreak as Kelsea showcases the knowledge and expertise she has developed through the UAB/BMA Curatorial Fellowship program.