Art On The Rocks: Sponsor Shoutout

/ Art On The Rocks

Art On The Rocks has established itself as downtown Birmingham’s premiere cultural event, combining music and art with an incredible after-hours atmosphere. None of this would be possible without the incredible support of our generous sponsors. Just as the event highlights Birmingham’s top talent, our sponsors represent everything great about this Magic City!

  • Dale’s Seasonings: Dale’s began in downtown Birmingham in 1946, planting its roots right across the street from the Birmingham Museum of Art. Though no longer in its original location, Dale’s continues to support the city in both flavor and culture, livening up the night as the presenting sponsor of Art On The Rocks. Year after year, because of Dale’s commitment, the Museum is able to present accomplished artists and entertainers who provide unique performances at Art On The Rocks.
  • Bromberg’s: Birmingham’s original luxury goods house, Bromberg’s upholds the glitz and glamour of the Magic City. Generously providing a show-stopping jewelry giveaway item at each month’s event, Bromberg’s is the place to go to add a little extra flare to your Art On The Rocks outfit.
  • Birmingham Magazine: Self-described as the “definitive guide to life in and around the Magic City,” Bham Mag highlights influential citizens, must-attend events, and tantalizing treats in the area. Pick up a copy of the most recent edition of Birmingham Magazine to learn more about Art On The Rocks!
  • Bham Bud: This local, family-owned beverage distributor brings craft and classic beers to the connoisseurs of Art On The Rocks and Birmingham. Grab a cold one at one of the many bars throughout the Museum at Art On The Rocks this summer!
  • 20 Midtown: THE luxury apartments in downtown Birmingham, 20 Midtown offers dining, shopping, and living right in the heart of the city, so close to the Museum you can practically hear the excitement and electricity of Art On The Rocks from its rooftop terrace.
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka: Art On The Rocks is proud to feature Tito’s Handmade Vodka, currently one of the most requested vodkas in bars today. With unique drinks and creative branding, Tito’s matches the pulse of Art On The Rocks and keeps the crowd energized.
  • Moon Shine at The Elyton Hotel: As the official sponsor of AfterRocks, Moon Shine at The Elyton Hotel is the hottest rooftop to continue the party with cool drink specials and spectacular views of our beautiful city.

Interested in learning more about Art On The Rocks sponsorship opportunities? Contact Claire Hubbs Gray at [email protected] or 205-254-2086.