Kasuga Shika Mandala

In Japan, the native Shinto gods are thought to have universal counterparts among the imported Buddhist deities. Here, five Buddhist gods are shown reflected in a mirror carried on the back of a deer, the messenger of the Shinto gods who live at the Kasuga shrine shown in the mountains, mist and cherry blossoms.

  • 40 x 15 in. (101.6 x 38.1 cm)
  • Purchased by the seller's aunt when she was a missionary in Japan in the 1920s
  • Museum purchase with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. Austen L. Bennett III, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. S. Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Mears, Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Lemak, and Dr. Richard H. Cord, by exchange
  • 1993.15