Sudhana Visits Avalokitesvara

Sudhana was a youth in Buddhist legends who sought wisdom. He traveled throughout the universe questioning various Buddhist deities until he finally met Avalokitesvara, the Buddhist deity of mercy, who […]

Sakyamuni Returning from the Mountains

Inscription: “The subject of this work by the Buddhist Layman Yan Qiouyue (Yan Hui) is Sakyamuni returning from the mountains. It is wrong that people today see him as Bodhidharma. […]

Suigetsu (Intoxicated by the Moon)

Sen no Rikyu was the founder of the Japanese tea ceremony. The rules and practices he established were considered so perfect that they are still followed. The school of tea […]

Queen Mother of the West

Inscription: Painted by Xiaoshan’s Wei Chang Ren Xiong at Wumen One of the earliest written references to the Queen Mother comes from the writings of the Taoist writer Zhuangzi (c. […]