The Original Makers: Stitching a Legacy

The quilts in The Original Makers: Folk Art from the Cargo Collection illustrate important movements and moments in Alabama quilt history and how the work of these artists has driven a deep interest in the quilters of our state. They are by black and white makers, many of whom are unidentified. Most date primarily (though […]

Cotton Pickers With Black Wagon

Slow food, slow living, slow… art? Unlock the secrets of works in the Museum’s collection by cultivating the art of looking slowly. Our docents ask and answer questions to help guide your slow art experience and foster conversation. Leave the Museum feeling inspired- not tired!

This Sunday, Master Docent Caroline Wingate will lead a discussion on Cotton Pickers With Black Wagon by Jimmy Lee Sudduth from The Original Makers exhibition.

What is Folk Art?

What is Folk Art? The term has meant different things over time, and many scholars have written about the problems with this catch-all category. It has referred to craft traditions passed down through generations within communities. It has sometimes referred to artists without formal education or artistic training, and those who create outside of the […]

The Original Makers Drop-In Tour

Curoius about The Original Makers exhibition?

Please drop-in and join Docent Katia Kiss Miller for a FREE tour of the exhibition at 2:00 pm.