What is Folk Art?

What is Folk Art? The term has meant different things over time, and many scholars have written about the problems with this catch-all category. It has referred to craft traditions passed down through generations within communities. It has sometimes referred to artists without formal education or artistic training, and those who create outside of the […]

Collecting and Preserving Alabama’s Artistic Heritage

While the BMA collects art from all over the globe, it takes just as seriously the goal of collecting important work by the most significant artists born or active in the state of Alabama. Well represented within the Museum’s collection are the Weavers, a multi-generational dynasty of women artists from Selma. Most famous among the […]

Remembering William Christenberry

Alabama native William Christenberry, Jr. died on November 28 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease at 80 years old. In announcing his death, The Washington Post recognized him as “one of the most respected and influential artists of the modern South.” As an Alabama artist, Christenberry’s work reflected his obsession with the landscape of his home. […]