“Cheap” and replicable – MCN 2017

Online collection databases. Audioguides. Digital gallery guides. These systems are expensive. In response, the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) created smartguide, a web based platform serving as an open access and interpretive system for remote and in-gallery visitors. The BMA created the smartguide to allow engagement with as little friction as possible, via familiar systems. The backend of smartguide is a plugin for WordPress that automates the creation of a browsable, searchable online collection and gallery guide custom post types. Smartguide can be implemented through Museum owned devices, visitor devices, or any display device connected to the internet such as in-gallery kiosks. In this session we will present the technical merits of the system and the replicability for small to mid-size institutions, including a case study implementing smartguide at the Abroms-Engel Institute for Visual Arts (AEIVA), a small museum within the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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We think smartguide can serve the museum community by lowering the technical investment required to implement mobile content in galleries. We invite you to collaborate with us.

  • Email us with questions you have about implementing smartguide at your institution
  • Add feature requests on gitub
  • Send us screenshots of your smartguide deployment
  • If smartguide doesn’t work for you, tell us why

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