Craig Wedderspoon

December 14, 2013 - January 18, 2015 - Lower Sculpture Garden

Craig Wedderspoon is a Tuscaloosa-based sculptor who creates abstract work in both metal and wood at various scales. Wedderspoon has created a new body of sculpture specifically for the Museum’s outdoor Mezzanine Sculpture Gallery, where it will open on December 14 and be on view through January 2015.

In Wedderspoon’s work, we see a constant push and pull between the forms and forces of the natural world and a more rigid geometric order. For the BMA’s unique outdoor “gallery,” he has created an immersive installation of ground-based and wall-mounted metal forms that draw attention to the fundamental formal issues of his medium, including scale, dimension, form, and surface. This all-new work will be installed in close groupings on the floor and walls of the space. These hollow aluminum spheres, which resemble such organic forms as hives or barnacles, vary in diameter from one to over five feet in scale. Disc-shaped holes in their surfaces reveal empty interiors, echoing the viewer’s experience of being inside the larger whole.