Birds, Bees, Fruits and Flora of Asia


Spring to Fall 2023

For countless generations, people have passed down knowledge of flora and fauna and the symbiotic relationships between them as it is crucial to humanity’s survival. Throughout East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea), works showcasing flora and fauna have long been a popular topic making an important artistic category named bird-and-flower paintings (花鸟画 hua niao hua, in Chinese, 花鳥絵 kacho-e in Japanese, and 화조도 hwa jo do in Korean). These paintings highlight the importance of the bond between humanity and nature. In some works foreign species are highlighted side-by-side with native species.

Many of these works of art are more than beautiful objects. They also communicate  meaning that the educated viewer can recognize  as wishes for good health, increased wealth, great longevity, and many children. Learn how to decode the meaning embedded in these beautiful prints, paintings, ceramics, and textiles.