Alabama School of Fine Arts Student Exhibition

April 08, 2017 - April 30, 2019 - Burrow Education Gallery

Conversations about Contemporary Art
Visual Arts Students at the Alabama School of Fine Arts
Instructor: Anne Herbert

In conjunction with Third Space, the Birmingham Museum of Art’s exhibition of Contemporary art, this collection of work by visual art students from the Alabama School of Fine Arts explores themes in Third Space in diverse ways. Students learned about the work in Third Space and then selected one of the following themes that inspired their own interpretation of it: migration/diaspora/exile, gaze/agency/representation, spirit/nature/landscape, traditions/histories/memory.
As high school students, these young artists are searching for understanding of who they are as artists and as people. They are developing, choosing, nurturing, and coming to terms with their identities and artistic practices while finding inspiration from contemporary artists. These students examine their individuality in relationship to the circumstances that have shaped them by exploring personal histories, cultural pressures, familial influences, and the close observation of the physical identity.

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"Paragon of the Corporeal Systems" Devan Destafino