A New Twist

German Ceramics from the 1950s

June 08, 2008 - September 07, 2008 - Bohorfoush Gallery

During the immediate post-war period, the German ceramics industry experienced an explosion of form, decoration, and color on a scale unlike anything else in the 20th century. While classic forms were decorated with bold new glaze combinations, new and exaggerated forms appeared in solid colors or gentle earthtones. Post-war German potters and ceramics manufacturers absorbed it all, giving traditional products a new look. A New Twist: German Ceramics from the 1950s brings together more than 29 pieces of German ceramics drawn from a private Birmingham collection. The exhibition will address issues of form, color, and decoration used in the German ceramics industry after World War II, the technical processes that were employed, and the rediscovery and use of older techniques.