Heavy thistle-shaped vase that tapers inward to a cylindrical base. The vase's exterior is a mix of dark and light brown, teal, green, light blue, black, and off-white stoneware. The vase's glaze is irregularly applied, creating areas of buildup, most notably the blue spots near the top of the vase and the dark blue/black area around the top of the cylindrical base of the vase. There are some uniform glaze blisters below one of the blue spots of glaze near the top of the vase and along the edge of the vase to the left, almost appearing like holes cut into the glaze. The vase's exterior is covered in thin, horizontal impressed lines that circle the form, creating ridges along the exterior that catch the glaze. The vase's interior is unglazed, off-white stoneware with raised, thins lines corresponding to the exterior's impressed lines.


David Puxley, Wedgwood