Small, rectangular box with truncated edges, the top with a blue enamel band running around the edge, set with an enameled metal plaque painted with a view of the seaport at Constantinople (today's Istanbul) with rustic structures in a forested area in the foreground and a hilly landscape with trees and a large domed church on the hill on the right in the background, the plaque is edged in blue enamel and the gold around it is elaborately chased with a pattern of scrolling foliage and delicate stylized flowers, each side includes a central reserve edged in blue enamel and with a repeating pattern of small floral motifs inside, above the reserves runs a band of leafy and floral motifs around the perimeter of the box, each corner is decorated with a design of scrolling foliage; the underside of the box includes a border of stylized anthemion and vine motifs edged in blue enamel and a central panel, also edged in blue enamel, of an elaborate floral bouquet.

Snuff Box

Enamel plaque painted by Pierre-Henri Sturm, Paris, France

Box 1809-1819; Plaque 1822