Pair of Candelabra

Candlesticks by John Cafe, Branches by Lewis Herne and Francis Butty, London, England

Candlesticks: 1753/54; Branches: 1761/62

Why do these pieces have two different dates?

This candlesticks were made by London silversmith John Cafe. About eight years later the branches were created for the pieces by partners Lewis Herne and Francis Butty. It was not uncommon for eighteenth-century families to maintain their silver and to pass it down from generation to generation. However, styles and personal needs changed and pieces were often altered or embellished over many years. Around 1761, the owner of these candlesticks probably wanted to increase the amount of light they could provide by adding branches. Yet, by this time the original silversmith had died and another was called upon to create an addition to match the original.