Oval black basalt medallion with relief portrait of George III (1738-1820) facing left, George III was King of Great Britain and Ireland, Baptized George Frederick William, Son of Frederick, Prince of Wales, who died in 1751 and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. He was unable to read English until the age of eleven but when his accession took place in 1760 he at once made a favourable impression as an English-born prince. In July 1761, his forthcoming marriage to Princess Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz was announced and their coronation took plate later that year. His political influence did much to create the circumstances which culminated in the American War of Independence. In 1788 the first signs of a mental aberration from which he was later to suffer became apparent. In 1809 his health broke down irretrievably, so his eldest son (later George IV) became Prince Regent in 1810. George III did not recover his faculties and died in 1820 after surviving several assassination attempts.

George III


About 1775