Small heavy, hollow cylindrical drum, with holes at top and bottom, for a chandelier or other lighting device of tricolor jasper – solid white with dark blue and lilac dip – with white jasper bas relief, the body of the drum decorated at the top with a band of white interlocking circles framed by beading on a lilac ground, at the bottom a band of leaves and berries framed by beading on a lilac ground, the central section divided into four reserves on dark blue ground separated by anthemion and acanthus leaf dividers; the reserves hold bas reliefs in white jasper of 1) Nike and a Warrior – Nike carrying a palm branch symbolizing victory stands on one side of the statue of Athena with a helmeted warrior on the other; 2) The Dipping of Achilles – Thetis holds Achilles by the heel as she dips him into a large vase while a women holding two torches looks on, the symbol of a ram's head is attached to a tree; 3) A Sacrifice to Peace – two women performing a sacrifice to peace at a burning altar, one is standing and the other is kneeling with arms and hands poised in a graceful manner, clasped hands appear in relief on the side of the altar and the standing figure holds an olive branch – both are symbols of peace; 4) France and Minerva Joining Hands – the figures of France and Minerva joining hands before an altar upon which stands the figure of Faith, made to commemorate the French Revolution.

Drum for a Chandelier or Other Lighting Device