Fairy lustre bowl


Designed by Susannah "Daisy" Makeig-Jones, Wedgwood

About 1920

Fairyland Lustre is the name given by Daisy Makeig-Jones to a range of ornamental wares produced from her designs and under her supervision. Her designs, in a wide range of bright enamel and lustre colors with gilding, often incorporated fantastic figures, scenes, and landscapes. When Fairyland debuted in November 1915, one critic wrote of the “genuine innovation of Fairyland Ware, on which vivacious imps and fays are seen disporting themselves among fantastic trees.” Fairyland remained popular until about 1929, and has experienced a revival among collectors today.

Prior to her development of Fairyland Lustre, Makeig-Jones produced a number of “ordinary” lustre patterns that incorporated dragons, butterflies, birds, and Asian motifs. Today these are known specifically as Dragon Lustre or Butterfly Lustre, for example. They are not part of the Fairyland range.