Large, heavy porcelain plaque painted in bright enamel colors with a view of the city of Berlin, Germany, as seen from Victoria Park and the 65-foot cast-iron Kreuzberg Monument, designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel and erected in 1821 to commemorate the Wars of Liberation fought against Napoleon 1813-1815.  In the foreground left is the Monument set among designated footpaths occupied by small groups of people, in the middle ground are forested areas interspersed with small houses and buildings, as well as the road leading from Tempelhof to the Hallesches Tor, and in the background is the skyline of Berlin with from left Friedrichstadt with the towers of the Französischer Dom and the Deutscher Dom; the Schauspielhaus on the Gendarmenmarkt; the dome of the Hedwigskirche; the Sophienkirche; the Friedrichwerdersche Kirche; the Berliner Dom; the Stadtschloss; the Marienkirche; the new spire of the Petrikirche completed in 1853; and the tower of the Jerusalemer Kirche, with light blue sky streaked with lilac and fluffy clouds in shades of gray and white, the edge of the plaque with gilt border, the plaque set within a large gilt frame highlighted with stylized anthemion motifs around the edge.

A View of Berlin from Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Kreuzberg Monument

Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Berlin

About 1853