Le Village d’Éragny (The Village of Éragny)

This landscape by famous impressionist artist Camille Pissarro is one of the most important paintings in our collection and certainly a star in our 19th century gallery. However, it could look much better and much more like Pissarro would have wanted it to look! Sometime before we acquired the painting it was varnished – but Pissarro never wanted his paintings to have a varnish. Not only that, but the varnish has also discolored and makes Pissarro’s colors look much more yellow than they should. Also, at some point before it entered our collection, it was relined using an excessive amount of wax to adhere the lining to the original canvas. The wax has seeped through the canvas and into the paint, where it contributes to a surface that today appears much too shiny.

The treatment would try to diminish the effect of the wax and remove the yellowed varnish to regain Pissarro’s original intention as much as possible.