What to Wear: Fluid Fashion

/ Art On The Rocks

Guest Post by Style Influencer Randall Porter

Randall Porter

Inspired by Ways of Seeing: Fashion, this month’s theme for Art On The Rocks presented by Dale’s Seasoning highlights the future of fashion with Fluid Fashion. From the runway to the everyday, Fluid Fashion is doing away with fashion rules of the past. The movement is all about self-expression and encourages the individual to embrace both masculine and feminine styles and silhouettes. 

Art and style are constantly shifting, evolving, changing, and growing. Social norms and expectations are thankfully expanding to be more inclusive. Fashion Fluidity is just an expression of that, where one can move seamlessly between what’s seen as traditionally masculine or feminine.

I have always loved to blur the lines of masculine and feminine pieces for my personal style. It came out of a need of wanting more options than the traditional norms for men. Fluid fashion is the future. 

I’m excited to share with you some fluid fashion-inspired looks I styled with the team at Basic. on Morris Avenue in the video below. For even more inspiration, check out two of my favorites that carry this style very well: Ezra Miller and Elliott Sailors.