What Is One Rule You’ll Never Break?

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On Thursday, March 3 at 7PM, the Museum and Christie’s are excited to present The Refined Art of Collecting: An Evening with the Experts. The panel discussion, including BMA staff, a private collector, and a specialist from Christie’s, will address the careful process of assembling and managing a collection, whether as a museum or an individual. Click here to learn more.

In preparation of our discussion, we asked each of our panelists one question: What is the one rule you’ll never break when it comes to collecting?

Gail Andrews
BMA Director

“Do your research. Make sure you understand how the object fits into the overall context of what you’re collecting, such as works by a specific artist or pieces from a certain time period. Once you’re ready to purchase, quality and condition are essential to your final decision.”

anneAnne Forschler-Tarrasch
BMA’s Chief Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts

“I would not acquire something for the Museum just to impress, or just because it’s something ‘everyone’ is acquiring.  I would not look to compete with other museums.  There must be a reason for something to be added to our permanent collection, it must have context, and speak to the collection, either because of its relationship to other objects already in the Museum, or because of the way it illuminates other objects already in the collection.  The object must play a role or have a purpose in some way that makes the collection stronger.”

jodieJody Wilkie
Christie’s International Specialist Head of European Ceramics and Glass

“Collecting should never be dictated by what is ‘hot’ at the moment, nor should value or potential investment be the driving force behind a purchase. Although art has proven in many cases to have been a good investment, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will be the case. Collect what you like – what intrigues you. That way, your collection will always be of interest. And if you get bored with it or feel there is nothing further that can be added – sell it and start again.”

nanNan Skier
Private Collector and Member of the BMA Board of Trustees

“My husband David and I have one word to answer the question: quality.”