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Weddings at the BMA

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Photos by Eric Jamie Photography

Weddings and paintings have quite a lot in common. Both are things of beauty, but entail hard work and careful thought in planning. Despite being splendid once achieved, the process of creating a painting and a wedding can be strenuous. A blank canvas would intimidate any painter, just as the wedding to-do list can overwhelm any newly-engaged couple. Questions about color schemes, dates, bridal parties, and venues bombard the couple, and instead of creating inspiration, these details and plans hinder expression and excitement for the big day.

While the Birmingham Museum of Art cannot help answer all of these questions, it can make one answer much easier. Full of beautiful and whimsical spaces, the BMA offers a unique and unforgettable venue that can bring a wedding vision to life. Over the years, the Museum has hosted countless weddings, demonstrating an immense range of possibilities in regards to diverse decorations and original themes. Our foyers have featured Birmingham’s Magic City sign adorned with copious florals, an art-deco-inspired bar Gatsby himself would envy, cascading floral canopies, and numerous incorporations of the BMA’s collection and architecture. Perfect for any couple, the Museum setting is sure to make any wedding the most beautiful and memorable day.

Photos by Eric Jamie Photography

One such couple recently experienced the elegant setting of the Museum for their own wedding. Jordan and Zach Chambliss were married on September 8, 2018, and they celebrated their union dancing and laughing the night away at the BMA.

When asked about her fall Museum wedding, Jordan said, “Zach and I did not want the typical wedding or reception. We wanted something that spoke to both of our personalities. We already loved the Museum and loved the idea of getting to celebrate with family and friends in such an incredible space.”

Because of her experience at the BMA, Jordan advises all brides to look no further for a wedding venue.

“The BMA staff was so easy, patient, and wonderful to work with,” she said. “I will never be able to say thank you enough to the incredible team at the BMA.”

Jordan and Zach’s reception is just one of the many events the Museum has hosted. Further details about their celebration and others are featured on the BMA website. To discover the flexibility and diversity that the Museum offers as a venue, explore these photos and peek inside these gorgeous weddings. Museum weddings are truly works of art themselves!

Photos by Eric & Jamie Photography.

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