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Vendor Spotlight: M. Elizabeth Events

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Written by Elizabeth Sturgeon, Communications Intern

Meghan Cease Owner of M Elizabeth Events

With a wedding at the BMA, our space is your canvas! We love seeing how a couple redesigns the Museum for their service or reception. M. Elizabeth Events has planned and designed many weddings at the Museum, each showing off the couple’s individual style.

Read our Q&A with Meghan Cease, owner of M. Elizabeth Events, to learn more about her experience at the BMA!

Birmingham Museum of Art: How many times have you planned a wedding at the BMA? 

Meghan Cease: We have planned over 10 weddings at the Birmingham Museum of Art, the first one being in 2010!

BMA: What do you enjoy most about your job? 

MC: We work with so many amazing couples each year, and that gives us the chance to tell each of their love stories. When we design a wedding, we work with the couple to learn about how they met, the things they enjoyed while dating, how they got engaged, and special memories that define their relationship. It is so rewarding to tell a couple’s story through details and elements we incorporate into the wedding. Every wedding is unique, as are each of our couples, and I love that.

Photography by Kelsey Justice

BMA: What is a quality that you look for in a wedding venue? 

MC: Anytime we are looking at venues with a bride, event logistics is at the forefront of our minds. The logistics of how the event will flow from start to finish is an important factor when you start planning a wedding. How many guests will you have?  This will help you decide on where you want to get married and what venues can accommodate your numbers. You do not need final numbers but an idea will help you gauge many things when planning, particularly your budget. Secondly, what type of event do you envision? Is a band with a large dance floor a top priority? Seating for all your guests? Prime location for your bride’s cake? All of these things should be considered when looking at venues, and walking through the logistics of your event will help in choosing the perfect venue.

BMA: What was your favorite part about a wedding you have planned at the BMA? 

MC: For one of my first weddings at the Museum, we draped the entire cafe in bronze silk fabric. Incorporating fall flowers such as dahlias and lotus pods as well as fall fruits and vegetables such as pears and artichokes made for a wonderful juxtaposition between the richness of fall and the white, sleek Museum atmosphere. It was unexpected, and I loved that.

BMA: Why do you recommend the Museum as a wedding venue for your brides? 

Photography by Kelsey Justice

MC: The BMA offers so many unique spaces to create the perfect event. From the Sculpture Garden to the Cafe to the 8th Avenue Lobby, the individual spaces allow brides to really achieve their vision however they see fit. By utilizing strategic design elements, the spaces can be separate yet flow together beautifully.

BMA: What is something about the BMA that makes it a unique wedding space? 

MC: Because the BMA allows brides to have the option of keeping the galleries open for guests, I truly think that is a unique offering that sets the Museum apart from any other venue in Birmingham. Guests get to experience something they may not otherwise get to experience if they are from out of town or even if they are Birmingham residents that don’t know all that the BMA has to offer. I think the open art galleries bring a level of sophistication and fun to weddings and events that you can’t get anywhere else.

Interested in celebrating your wedding at the Museum? Visit our events page or contact Special Events Manager Jestina Howard for more information. Learn more about Meghan and M. Elizabeth Events here!