Discovering the BMA – School

This is the highlights tour of the Birmingham Museum of Art! As one of the finest regional museums in the United States, the BMA houses a diverse collection of more than 25,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and decorative arts dating from ancient to modern times. The collection presents a rich panorama of cultures, featuring extensive […]

SEP – Student

As a visual arts institution, the Museum has a responsibility to make art accessible to all. In our Sensory Empowerment Program (SEP) tours, specially-trained docents present the Museum’s collection and selected special exhibitions through multi-sensory education. Using verbal descriptions, tactile models based on original artworks, specially selected sculptures, and music, these tours allow visitors to […]

Museum Adventure

The Museum is filled with art from around the world. Each culture and country and time period has symbols that mean something. Learning new symbols is like cracking a secret code! On this tour, students will be sent on a docent-led quest through the Museum. They will have a task in each gallery that encourages […]

European Masterpieces – Student

During the 18th century, society’s young elite, along with chaperones and tutors, would set off on a comprehensive tour of continental Europe. Take your own Grand Tour of Europe without leaving the Museum! Our adventure embarks upon the English, Italian, French, and Wedgwood galleries to discover what travelers saw and collected during this important step in […]

Color My World

Throughout history and across cultures, there is a common “language of art” that makes up every artwork. Learn the lingo and see how these elements of art – line, color, light and shadow, pattern, texture, and shape – have been used by artists over the centuries. These elements, along with a little imagination, have helped artists create […]

BMA Your Way – Student

Don’t see a tour that correlates to the needs of your classroom or your group? With BMA Your Way, we’ll customize a tour to correlate to a specific subject or theme!  The Education team is happy to work closely with educators to create a tour just for your group.

Art Safari

Lions, and dragons, and bats – oh my! Who knew the Museum was crawling with so many animals? Find animals, real and imaginary, as they appear in artworks from all over the world. The animals in our collection come from various cultures and time periods, and are used for many reasons on many objects. Learn the […]

Crosscurrents of Culture – Students

Sometimes the cultures that seem most foreign to us can be best understood through their art. Tour objects created by Native American, African, and Asian cultures to learn more about the cultural beliefs and traditions of these ancient civilizations.