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The Farmers

/ I Spy

Joan Bankemper American born 1959 The Farmers 2018 Porcelain glazed earthenware lace sandy grout partially gilded Museum purchase with partial funds provided by Mrs Peter Douglas Bunting 201917

In this sculpture we see many different things. Zoom in! Here is what I spy. Can you find them all?

  • A green bird, a blue bird, and a yellow one, too
  • A few buzzing bumble bees whose colors aren’t quite right
  • A plate that could serve a slice of cake
  • A cup perfect for a tea party
  • A man on a mug
  • And a flower for every color of the rainbow!

Colors of the Rainbow

What are the colors of the rainbow? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Did you know that when you take the first letter of the name of each color of the rainbow and put them together it spells ROY-G-BIV? That is called an acronym! Acronyms can be used to shorten long titles or as a trick to help us remember things. If you remember the acronym ROY-G-BIV it can help you remember the colors of the rainbow!

R- red
O- orange
Y- yellow
G- green
B- blue
I- indigo
V- violet

What will you create using all of the colors of the rainbow?