The BMA Welcomes Two Young Scholars

/ Staff Updates

UAB Curatorial Fellow Joanna WilsonThe Museum is pleased to introduce Joanna Wilson, the BMA’s new UAB/BMA Curatorial Fellow, and Charling Chen, the Museum’s first Goodrich Intern. Joanna Wilson joined the Curatorial staff in August and has been working on a variety of projects, including exhibitions, public programs, and object research, her favorite part of the fellowship. A second year graduate student in the Department of Art History at UAB, Joanna plans to work in either academia or a museum setting, and hopes that her time at the Museum will inform her decision. “I can’t think of any other positions available to M.A. students in a museum of this size and quality that offers the depth and breadth of curatorial experience that this fellowship does,” says Joanna. “The knowledge and practice I’m gaining here has already strengthened and expanded my skills as a researcher, and will give me tremendous advantage in any art-related career I pursue.” After only a few months, Joanna has become fully integrated into the daily life of the Museum.  “I’m looking forward to rounding out my experience here and getting as complete an understanding of the curator’s role, the curatorial department, and the curators’ relationship to the rest of the Museum as I can,” she says. Joanna will be at the BMA through August 2014.

Charling 1Charling Chen comes to the BMA from Washington University in St. Louis. A recent graduate with a degree in architecture, Charling was impressed with the BMA’s size and scope. “The BMA seems like a major hub notjust for the art scene, but for many things in Birmingham,” says Charling. “Its scope is broad, but deep, which is reflected in its collection as well as in its programs.” The Goodrich Internship, generously funded by the Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation, offers a young scholar the opportunity to work in various Museum departments over the course of one year. “I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to rotate between four departments, see different perspectives, and gain a good understanding of how an art institution works. It will help me determine what role might be best for me in a museum setting.” Charling’s career goals are constantly changing, but one thing is certain: her year at the BMA will help her in any future path she takes.

For more information about the UAB/BMA Curatorial Fellowship or the Goodrich Internship, please contact Anne Forschler-Tarrasch at [email protected] or 205.254.2976.