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Temple Murals of Pureland Paradise

/ Art Escapes

Temple Murals of Pureland Paradise Ca 1450 Ming dynasty 1368 1644 China Polychrome gilding and gesso on plaster and bamboo 126 x 127 316 in 320 x 3231 cm Museum purchase with funds provided by the 1987 Museum Dinner and Ball 1987341 2

While the Museum is closed and the BMA team is working from home, many of us are thinking about our favorite #ArtEscapes in the collection. Dr. Katherine Paul, The Virginia and William M. Spencer III Curator of Asian Art, has the Temple Murals of Pureland Paradise on her mind. She says:

“Welcome to paradise! These gilded and colorful larger-than-life Buddhist murals were intended to inspire awe and remind viewers of a future time when humanity will be surrounded by wish-granting trees, prosperity, good fortune, and harmony. We look forward to rejoicing together!”

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