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Teen Night Recap

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On April 20, the Museum invited all Birmingham area high school students to a special after-hours event just for them. Teen Night was planned and hosted by Teen BMA, the Museum’s volunteer group of high school students. They devised the theme “Out of This World” and planned activities for the evening, including a very popular cosmic photo booth and galactic art activities. Teen BMA members worked with the Education Department to create a digital time-travel scavenger hunt that sent teens throughout time and space in the galleries to search for clues that led to a missing artwork. Other Teen BMA members led a tour that included facts about the art and artists as well as fun games for the group to play in the galleries. Teen Night was a big success with 156 high school students in attendance. Teen BMA member Sadie Odom had this to say about the event:

“Teen Night was filled with my favorite things- friends, music, and art. We planned meticulously in the months leading up to Teen Night and no small detail went unnoticed. We based the scavenger hunt off of a time travel adventure with different aspects coming from our favorite television shows. The decorations and activities correlated with one another, each thing complimenting the other. The starlight projector leaked into the photo booth, making the photos look as if they are standing amongst the stars. The music echoed through the halls, making you feel connected with the others even as you admired the art pieces. The tour was my favorite part. I prepared my part in advance with great care and thorough research. My friends and brothers came to see the tour and their support meant the world to me. I’ve been in this program for four years now, this year being my last year. Teen Night was an absolute success, a reflection on the program itself—a creative outlet to not only learn more about art and careers in the arts, but a way to connect with your peers. It makes you feel as if you are a part of something bigger, a part of the vast universe that we are in.”