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Teen BMA Trip to Nashville

/ Art News

Written by Teen Council Member Livvy Porrill

As a member of Teen BMA, I recently traveled with the group to experience the art scene in Nashville. On February 3rd, I got up early on a Saturday morning to load up in a bus with all of my friends for a field trip that would expand my knowledge of the art scene we have in the South. After a couple of hours drive of laughter with my friends, we came to our first stop at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Our visit began with a tour of the Frist Art Studios, where we were able to apply our creativity with patterns and layering to a craft inspired by artist Nick Cave’s work. After completing our miniature paper soundsuits, we saw Nick Cave: Feat, and the word ‘incredible’ is not a strong enough word to describe the experience. After seeing the BMA’s soundsuit in Third Space, it was really cool to see Cave’s work expanded into a full show.

Following our stop at the Frist, we enjoyed lunch at Puckett’s Restaurant, where I bought some of the best chocolate I have ever had. We made our way to the 21C Museum Hotel after lunch. I had never been inside a place like this hotel before! It was a fancy hotel and art gallery in one, with three entire floors dedicated to art.

I did not get to go to all of the floors and see all that I wanted to in time, but that just gives me an excuse to go back someday. After our visit to the hotel, we all loaded on the bus once more, said goodbye to Nashville, and traveled back to Birmingham, most of us taking a nap throughout the drive. This experience has provided me with a greater sense of how much the Southern art scene has grown, and will continue to grow, whether it be in Nashville, Tennessee, or Birmingham, Alabama.

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