5 Things To Know About “Haitian Flags”

Before our upcoming lecture by Dr. Benjamin Hebblethwaite, we wanted to take a moment to explain a little more about our current exhibition, Haitian Flags from the Cargo Collection. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, it is beautiful; more than that, it is filled with a lot of information that you may not know […]

5 Resolutions You Can Keep In 2016

Sometimes the thought of committing to a New Year’s resolution can feel daunting and unattainable. Instead, why not resolve to bring more art into your life this year? Here are 5 resolutions you’ll want to keep in the new year, all of which you can enjoy for free at the Museum: 1. Slow Down After the hustle […]

October 2015: So Close to Heaven

So Close to Heaven: Sacred Sculpture of Asia from the Weldon Collection Sacred images are a vital part of many of the world’s religions. For example, painted and sculpted images of Mary and the infant Jesus provide a focal point during Christian prayer or worship, while Hindu artists portray gods and goddesses with multiple arms […]

September 2015: David Puxley

David Puxley: Wedgwood’s First Studio Potter Since its founding in 1759, Wedgwood has brought in outside artists from time to time in order to keep designs fresh and contemporary. In 1964, the firm hired 21-year-old potter David Puxley to play an unusual role – he would be Wedgwood’s first studio-potter-in-residence. The term “studio pottery” emerged […]