Painting on Stone

This painting shows the birth of Jesus as recounted in the Bible and is a wonderful, small work of art. Let’s focus first on the frame: the scene is surrounded by a painted metal frame with recesses for relics, objects believed to be a part of a holy person’s body or one of their belongings. […]

Bridges between Earthly and Heavenly Realms

In this program for adults, specially trained docents present the Museum’s collection by means of verbal descriptions, three-dimensional tactile models based on original works of art, and sculpture. The experience may be enhanced by related music and/or art-making to provide multi-sensory access to the visual arts.

Humans have always sought access to the power of the spiritual world beyond, in order to meet their needs and yearnings. Come explore some of the ways people in different cultures have sought to make the connection.

Space is limited; reservations are required. Please RSVP by Wednesday,March 7, 2018.

VIP tours are also available for school-age or adult groups. To reserve your spot or learn more about group tours, call 205.254.2964.