Special Oscar’s Café Hours

To celebrate the final day of Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor, Oscar’s Café will hold special Sunday lunch hours. They will serve their Lethal Beauty menu from 11AM-2PM.

Curator’s Choice: Lethal Beauty

One of my favorite pieces in the Lethal Beauty exhibition is the helmet decorated with a sake cup, a pair of chopsticks and a pair of sickles. Helmets were a very personal part of the armor, and represented things that were important to the owner. In this helmet the symbolism is great fun.  The sake […]

5 Benefits of Meditation

With the growth of Japanese Buddhism from the eighth century onwards, meditative practices were brought to and further developed in Japan, and became very popular among the samurai. During the twelfth century, the samurai embraced Zen Buddhism and subsequently discovered the benefits of meditation, giving the samurai warrior the mental edge that his enemies found […]